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Email Marketing For Innovative Brands 


"While working with LUCEO over the last two years my email list has grown by 200%. We just had our first high-ticket sale yeilding $45,000 in revenue. Christina is efficient, creative, and proactive. I look forward to future wins with her team"!


LUCEO is a full-service email marketing agency serving innovative brands around the world. Our dream clients pride themselves on offering exceptional products and services. 





Performance marketing is the foundation of what we do. Once your goals are set, we create the roadmap to get you there.

Email Design &


We design and build on brand emails that drive sales and create an unforgettable customer experience.

Campaign Management & Optimization

Once your strategy is set and campaigns deployed, we will closely manage each campaign. We will ensure everything runs smoothly and create optimizations as needed.

List Building &

Lead Magnets

Lead generation is built into your email marketing strategy right from the start. We love creating evergreen content, challenges, & more!

Email Marketing Audit

& Review

We will review your current email service provider and see where you can improve! If needed, we will switch to an updated email provider that makes sense for your business. 

Weekly Reporting

& Analytics

Performance marketing is the foundation of our work! Expect weekly reporting accompanied by a Loom video.

Targeting & List Segmentation

Creating specific segments allows us to get the right information to the most relevant portions of your online community. The more personalized, the better!

A/B Testing

We will continually test certain elements of each campaign to create best practices and fully understand your audience.

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